The Clarke Art Institute – New, Old & Bold

There isn’t much out there in the museum world quite like The Clark Art Institute. Incredible art holdings? Check. World class art research library and teaching programs which churn out the best and brightest into the museum/curatorial world? Check. Conservation studio which both teaches and restores at the highest level? Check. Sterling and Francine Clark’s vision and generosity have expanded to beyond what they might have imagined, while remaining true to a core mission which remains firmly intact.

Sterling and Francine Clark Art Institute

Etched in Stone – A Story Begins…

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Dia Beacon – Overdue Bucket List Item…Checked!

Dia: Beacon

Allow me to get the door…

This past Friday had all the hallmarks of a slow day at the gallery…cold, windy, gray. And while enjoying an early diner breakfast with an art dealer colleague, who also happened to be handing me a check for a nice sale, we compared notes on our day ahead. He had a few auctions in the Hudson valley to preview. And one was in Beacon. And second later my mind hatched a brilliant plan: “Beacon. Dia. Hooky. Now.” Moments later we are off to one of America’s cool art places (Dia Beacon), and a long-overdue bucket list item for myself. The rest of this blog is going to be purposely visual. And I’m pleased to report: Dia. Beacon. CHECK! Continue reading

Easton Pribble Retrospective Extended – An Update

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An Artist, A Teacher, A Museum – And a Great Cause.

Every so often our days as gallery owners are extra exciting. Such as when we become the exclusive representatives of an artist’s estate, which is owned by a museum, and is being sold to benefit the museum’s art acquisition fund. On September 12, 2015 we will hold a gala opening for the exhibition “Easton Pribble (1917-2003) – A Retrospective”. The works in the exhibition represent a lifetime of creative striving by a beloved artist and teacher for more than four decades at Munson-Williams-Proctor Arts Institute’s school of art. Upon his death in 2003, the MWPAI received the artist’s estate with instructions to sell the work to benefit the Museum of Art’s Art Acquisition Fund. And now, for the first time ever, that material is being offered for sale…by Caldwell Gallery Hudson.


“My work has been eclectic because I love the contradictions in the world around me, and the richness of those experiences.” Easton Pribble

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MASS MoCA Magnificence – A Summer Detour

Usually, the shortest distance between two points is also the fastest. Unless a special place like MASS MoCA stands in the way. And that was the case yesterday, when I woke up in the North Central Vermont mountains needing to find my way to Hudson, NY so I could open our gallery for our usual Thursday to Sunday hours. I would be traveling with my just turned 15 years old son, and I had told him our “purposeful detour” to North Adams, MA would be a worthy detour. By the time we were driving away after nearly 3 hours of “MASS MoCArifique” immersion, having feasted our eyes in both the vast as well as intimate spaces of one of America’s superb museum experiences, he heartily agreed. And for this blog post, I’m going to leave it at that, allowing the captioned visuals below to tell the rest of the story. I’m not too big on dispensing advice, but if you’ve never been to MASS MoCA might I suggest you create your own detour soon. You won’t be disappointed!

Mass MoCA We arrive. Greeted by blue sky, bricks, and shiny letters.

We arrive. Greeted by blue sky, bricks, and shiny letters.

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Anniversary Reflections – 42 / 30 / 1

Sitting at my desk in our gallery in Hudson, NY on a sunny Friday, another in a string of lovely late Spring days ticks away outside. Recently, the numbers 42, 30, and 1 come to mind as they represent respectively, the number of years since our firm was founded by my parents (1973), since I joined the gallery (1985), and since the opening of our first retail gallery here in historic Hudson a year ago. Reflecting on the passage of time for me can either result in feelings of “Boy, that seems so long ago” or “Wow, that went by in the blink of an eye.” Today’s reflections provide a bit of both.

My view as I reflect on various anniversaries...

My view as I reflect on various anniversaries…

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Art Basel Miami Beach 2014 – An Odyssey

Art Basel Miami Beach has been on my art dealer bucket list for a while. The stars had never quite aligned, but they did this year. And since 2014 marks our first year with a retail gallery (in our 42nd year of business), it seemed like a perfect time to check things out in sunny Florida. So plans were made to drive down with some dealer friends, stopping in shops all along the way to search for “roadshow treasures”, and spend 6 nights immersed in the spectacle. The center of the art world – GLOBALLY – is Miami and Miami Beach during this week. And by center one can feel free to picture a black hole. And so my journey began…

Smart Phone 100% Charged, 5:13AM, Hudson, NY

Smart Phone 100% Charged, 5:13AM, Hudson, NY

Mid-Point Classic - Kitsch Lives!

Mid-Point Classic – Kitsch Lives!

South Beach - Billionaire's Yacht Parking Lot

South Beach – Billionaire’s Yacht Parking Lot

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