Happy Birthday to Artist Carl Holty

"Carl Holty painting entitled Bather, 1935"

Carl Holty “Bather” 1935

Carl Holty (1900-1973) is a favorite artist of mine. He had his finger, well actually paintbrushes, in many interesting art world “pies” during his distinguished career. One of only two Americans who were part of the legendary european group Abstraction-Création in the early 1930s, Holty was also a founding member and eventual chair of the stellar group American Abstract Artists. I’ve had the opportunity to buy and sell many Holty works over the years, and our Carl Holty monograph has some great biographical data for those of you who want to know more about the artist’s life and work.

"Carl Holty untitled orange abstraction"

Carl Holty Untitled c.1965

So, today, June 12th, I raise a toast and wish Mr. Holty a happy birthday wherever he may find himself in the artistic beyond. Your work inspires my eyes!

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