Caldwell Gallery Hudson

Casting Together

Fly fishing has been something my father and I have done together since I was 8 or 9 years old. After a hiatus during high school and college, we started fishing again around the same time I joined the gallery. Working together day in and day out presents unique rewards and challenges, and our nearly annual fishing trips have given us the opportunity to escape phones and door bells as well as the busyness of small family business life. We get to visit beautiful places where we concentrate on the father–son part of our relationship rather than the business-part.

We also get to meet new folks who share our passion for fishing, and spend plenty of time putting our flies in the water for some exciting catch and release fishing action.

Our travels have taken us to Finland, Russia, Canada, Alaska, and out West. We also enjoy day trips from the gallery to the Salmon River and Pulaski area of upstate New York. Fishing has been a great bonding experience for us, and we feel blessed to be still going on these annual pilgrimages to the best fly fishing rivers, as well as planning future trips together.

Our most recent trip was to the gentle, beautiful Flowers River in Labrador, Canada, where we caught and released fresh sea run Atlantic Salmon. It was a treat!

Back at the gallery, we consider ourselves privileged to have owned and sold some great fishing paintings by premier American artists. Here’s a sample of some of our past highlights:

Fly Fishing Gear by John Atherton

A Big One Hooked by Ogden Pleissner

Trout Stream by John Whorf

Casting on Grand Lake by Ogden Pleissner

Sheepshead by William A. Walker

As Summer comes to a close, we look forward to the Fall season, and perhaps finding ourselves standing in a stream hoping to feel the thrill of a tug on the end of our lines.