Holidays, Our 40th Anniversary Year Winds Down and A New Year Begins…

As the end of 2013 fast approaches, and we look forward to the excitement and challenges we’re sure to find in 2014, we’ve taken a moment to pause and reflect on our 40th year in business. The good will and cheer we’ve received from clients and associates both old and new has been heartwarming. And our daily routines continue with one overriding thought: that we have one of the best jobs in the world. Being intimately connected to art – which is the end product of a human need to express, create, share, and teach – is a privilege. Art nurtures us in ways nothing else can, and joins us together in ways nothing else can.

Francis Criss, Christmas Day

I couldn’t quite figure out why I liked art for many years. Until one day, in a quieter moment, as I sat in front of a painting I had looked at a hundred times before, I realized it was speaking to me for the hundredth time, and had never once repeated itself. The artwork hadn’t changed. Myself, and my perceptions, had. Art has the power to speak to us, and, just maybe, if we’re willing to listen, help us change and grow. I’m pretty sure that the artist’s themselves would say the act of creating can do the exact same thing.

We hope your Holiday Season will be filled with joy for you and yours. Perhaps taking a moment to reflect both inwardly and outwardly, like the subject in Francis Criss’ painting Christmas Day, would be good for everyone.

See you in 2014!

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