Caldwell Gallery Hudson

From Scratch – The Birth of a Gallery

I started hearing the buzz about the Historic city of Hudson, NY, around two years ago. A good friend and gallery owner kept mentioning it whenever we spoke. And last fall, while traveling together for a show in Winnetka, IL, he kept beating Hudson’s drum – louder! In the meantime, publications like the New York Times, Elle Decor, New York Magazine, and the Wall Street Journal were banging their own “Hudson drums”. So I finally agreed to do a scouting trip last Fall, and the magic of the place found its way into my imagination. It took a while to find a suitable gallery space, but lightning struck quickly in late March, when a two story space in an old cigar factory became available.

Day 1. A car, a ladder, a gallery to be.

Our build out phase was approximately three months, with a few straggling items still on our “to do” list.
The list was sizable, daunting, challenging, and required numerous starts and stops as we arrived at forks in the road with decisions to be made that would determine the final look and feel of our space. Our goal was to create a clean, calm interior with black and white as the primary colors, and textures which included metal, felt, stained plywood, and for our flooring sparkly black astroturf. Yes, black astroturf.

“Coming Soon” – Our First Window Display

Good Bones, High Ceilings, Fluorescent Lights

Another exciting aspect of the creation of a gallery from scratch has been the creation of an entirely new website and graphic identity system. I had a vision of Caldwell Gallery Hudson being known by the logotype CGH, and three dots came to mind. Unified and powerful, simple and elegant. We’ve also created an entire new suite of Social Media utilizing our shiny new identity.

A Dark Grey Suit with Orange Trim

A New Digital Identity Ready for Pulp & Ink.

Next week: The Homestretch & We Become Shopkeepers!