An Art Dealer’s Office

A big part of being an art dealer and gallery owner is your office. I like to think of my office as 1/3 high tech Batcave, 1/3 art reference library, 1/3 garage-workshop-cleaning closet-shipping room and 1/3 gallery space. I know, that’s four thirds, which is exactly how it feels when you could always use “just a bit more space” for everything. Our new gallery has a very nice, if smallish office, and the window of the office allows a clear view to our front door – especially helpful during the hours when we are open to the public.

The Batcave aspect...

Technology – Emphasizing the Batcave aspect…

The 1/3 gallery and 1/3 art reference library are kind of the fun parts of the equation, as they are where our eyes and our instincts come into play keenly, as we research works we are considering, and those we have already acquired. Surrounding myself with a few favorite artworks only seems appropriate, especially since we’re always saying goodbye in this business when our clients fall in love with something and that particular painting travels to their walls.

Art research library, interspersed with more art.

A Robert Natkin from 1961 and a 1953 John Grillo provide a splash of color…

Art and books in the office

Two early 1970’s works by Bay Area artist Fred Martin stand tall…

Every business has its version of a nerve center, and I always enjoy traveling to other galleries and spending time in our associate’s offices. You can learn a great deal about the person, and their firm, when you find your way into their inner sanctum. I enjoy sitting down with clients in our new office. Whether it’s someone who has poked their head in or stopped by to relax over a cup of coffee they’ve looked on with keen interest at the old books and the art, which are both such a big part of our business.

Eugene Berman painting hanging next to the art reference library

A Eugene Berman 1939-40 surrealist work looking good…

If you’re ever in Hudson, and you find your way to our gallery, make sure to ask for the deluxe office tour. You’ll be glad you did!



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