Happy Birthday Pauline Palmer

Who among us would not love to step into the world of a Pauline Palmer painting? The light, the colors, and often a beckoning path welcome viewers to become part of the scene.

Pauline Palmer Sketch Class

Her portraits are equally beguiling, with lovely sitters and their picturesque accessories.

Pauline Palmer Girl in Kimono

Pauline Lennard was born in McHenry, Illinois in 1867. She was passionate about creating art, and as a young woman studied with many great painters at the Art Institute of Chicago, and two Parisian schools – the Académie de la Grande Chaumiére and the Académie Colarossi. Her development as an artist continued with the encouragement of her husband, Dr. Albert Palmer. Provincetown, on Cape Cod, was their summer home and the setting of many of her paintings, including this delightful piece, “The Clipper, Provincetown.”

Pauline Palmer The Clipper Provincetown

Palmer exhibited widely and was honored by numerous organizations over her lifetime. She continues to be affectionately known as “Chicago’s Painter Lady.”

Pauline Palmer in her studio

We’d like to add our accolades to the list, and salute Pauline Palmer’s contributions as a great American impressionist. How fortunate we’ve been to buy and sell these special paintings.

Meet us at “The Clipper,” Mrs. Palmer, so we may wish you a very happy birthday!


Photo of the artist is from an article by Dr. Ruth L. Bohan for the Illinois Historical Art Project.

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