Caldwell Gallery Hudson

MASS MoCA Magnificence – A Summer Detour

Usually, the shortest distance between two points is also the fastest. Unless a special place like MASS MoCA stands in the way. And that was the case yesterday, when I woke up in the North Central Vermont mountains needing to find my way to Hudson, NY so I could open our gallery for our usual Thursday to Sunday hours. I would be traveling with my just turned 15 years old son, and I had told him our “purposeful detour” to North Adams, MA would be a worthy detour. By the time we were driving away after nearly 3 hours of “MASS MoCArifique” immersion, having feasted our eyes in both the vast as well as intimate spaces of one of America’s superb museum experiences, he heartily agreed. And for this blog post, I’m going to leave it at that, allowing the captioned visuals below to tell the rest of the story. I’m not too big on dispensing advice, but if you’ve never been to MASS MoCA might I suggest you create your own detour soon. You won’t be disappointed!

We arrive. Greeted by blue sky, bricks, and shiny letters.

Sol LeWitt…get here fast. The installation closes in 2033!

Cool signage is everywhere.

Clifford Ross rocking a HUGE photo.

Jim Shaw – Mind…meet detritus. Stir!

Everyone loves butter!

Now that’s a houseboat!

A Jim Shaw dressed mannequin and I share a selfie.

A 15 year old mimics Superman.

A Francisco Clemente wall.

Sol LeWitt, of course. Three floors worth. Superb!

Nice picnic area…

More Sol LeWitt contemplations…

Clifford Ross and some incredible waves…