Easton Pribble Retrospective Extended – An Update

CGH1Every once in a while something special comes along that remind us just how satisfying and exciting some of the moments we experience in our little corner of the art world can be. The success of our Easton Pribble (1917-2003) Retrospective exhibition, which we’ve extended until November 8, is one such case in point. If you aren’t familiar with this project, we are selling the works from Pribble’s estate which he bequested to the Munson-Williams-Proctor Arts Institute to be sold for the benefit of the Art Acquisition Fund of the Museum of Art. And today was supposed to be the last day of the exhibition. But due to popular demand and brisk sales (33 works sold thus far), we realize we simply can’t take the works of the wall just yet. Easton Pribble’s friends, colleagues, and students have streamed into the gallery on a steady basis since our opening reception. We’ve seen smiles, tears of joy, and appreciative nods. And heard happy comments, interesting anecdotes, and an overwhelmingly positive response to this man and his work. It has become clear just how powerfully Easton Pribble and his art has resonated with old friends, and new admirers.

Many buyers have never heard of Easton Pribble before happening upon our front window and being “introduced” to him via his striking Self Portrait and four other exceptional paintings.

Easton Pribble exhibition

Easton Pribble and his art says “Hello” to visitors strolling Warren Street in Hudson, NY.

Please plan on visiting the gallery to view this exceptional show. And if you cannot, our website has detailed information, catalogues, and pricing available by CLICKING HERE. We hope to see you sometime soon! And, finally, thank you, Mr. Pribble. It is our continuing honor and privilege to bring your creative spark and spirit to our gallery walls…and the walls of happy buyers throughout the country.CGH2



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