Dia Beacon – Overdue Bucket List Item…Checked!

Dia: Beacon

Allow me to get the door…

This past Friday had all the hallmarks of a slow day at the gallery…cold, windy, gray. And while enjoying an early diner breakfast with an art dealer colleague, who also happened to be handing me a check for a nice sale, we compared notes on our day ahead. He had a few auctions in the Hudson valley to preview. And one was in Beacon. And second later my mind hatched a brilliant plan: “Beacon. Dia. Hooky. Now.” Moments later we are off to one of America’s cool art places (Dia Beacon), and a long-overdue bucket list item for myself. The rest of this blog is going to be purposely visual. And I’m pleased to report: Dia. Beacon. CHECK!

Fork in the road

Fork in the road…

Walter De Maria

Walter De Maria…

Agnes Martin

Agnes Martin…

Richard Serra

Richard Serra…

On Kawara

On Kawara…

Dan Flavin

Dan Flavin…

Gerhard Richter

Feeling reflective… Gerhard Richter…

Louise Bourgeois - Spidey

Louise Bourgeois… Spidey!

Serra speaks

Serra speaks…

Corner light

Dia Beacon

Dia inspires

A day like this inspires thoughts, ideas, dreams…

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