Art Dealer & Gallery Owner Jay Caldwell at Caldwell Gallery Hudson

Art Dealer & Gallery Owner Jay Caldwell at Caldwell Gallery Hudson

Hello! Thank you for visiting our blog – The Art of Dealing Art.  I’m Jay Caldwell, and I’m aiming to provide you with an informative, topical, and sometimes irreverent take on the private and not so private aspects of art dealing, gallery ownership, art fairs, gallery hopping, art auctions – and just about anything else that the incredible world of art has to offer. I’ll endeavor to post a few times a month, and I’d like to invite you to both follow and interact with us on Twitter Facebook Instagram & Pinterest.

I grew up in a family of art and antique collectors, and since 1973 our only family business has been buying, selling, evaluating and being moved by fine art and the creative spirit. After graduating from Dartmouth College in 1985, I joined our family firm. We’re now in our 5th decade of business, with most of that as private dealers who exhibited a few times a year in art fairs.  In 2014, we embarked on a new venture in the thriving and hip little city of Hudson, NY. Our first retail gallery, Caldwell Gallery Hudson, is now open at 355 Warren Street in “Upstate’s Downtown”. Please stop in and see us!

The past 31 years have been an incredible journey of learning and growth, triumphs and bruises. One constant which has never changed is the excitement of laying my eyes on a new treasure. It’s nearly the same rush as falling in love when an artwork “speaks to me”. And I get to experience that rush over and over and over as an art dealer. We love what we do and it shows in our passion and enthusiasm. Our mission is to both educate, and never stop learning ourselves.

We have two websites. The Caldwell Gallery for our private showrooms in Manlius, NY and West Palm Beach, FL, and Caldwell Gallery Hudson, for our exciting 2,800+ square foot retail gallery in Hudson. I’m also a member of The Lotos Club in NYC, which has been fostering discourse in the arts, literature, theater, film, and the creative spirit since 1870. 

We welcome your insights, questions, thoughts, and feedback. You can also contact me by clicking here.

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