Casting Together

"Joe fishing"

Fly fishing has been something my father and I have done together since I was 8 or 9 years old. After a hiatus during high school and college, we started fishing again around the same time I joined the gallery. Working together day in and day out presents unique rewards and challenges, and our nearly annual fishing trips have given us the opportunity to escape phones and door bells as well as the busyness of small family business life. Continue reading

Happy Birthday Andrew Wyeth!

Today would have been Andrew Wyeth’s 95th birthday. The Brandywine River Museum is celebrating by offering free admission all day today in honor of the event. We’ll toast to the inestimable Mr. Wyeth by eating a big slice of cake and reflecting on our lovely Wyeth watercolor of the old Campbell Farm in North Waldoboro, Maine.

Happy birthday Andrew Wyeth

Hayloft by Andrew Wyeth

Hidden Treasure Meets Bucket List

"The Arkell Museum"

The House That Beech Nut Built. Thank you, Mr. Arkell…

All of us should have a bucket list, right? Hidden treasures should comprise at least 33.33% of that list, according to my scientific research findings. For today’s hidden treasure suggestion, I present to you The Arkell Museum in Canajoharie, NY. You know where that is, right? Nestled in a small town on the banks of the Mohawk River. Continue reading

Father’s Day Reflections – Storm King Art Center

A Father Reflected (and Reflecting) on Father's Day

A father reflected on Father’s Day…

     Special days call for special measures. And since on our entire planet there’s nothing quite like the Storm King Art Center in Mountainville, NY (Think Hudson Highlands & West Point area), what better place to find myself with family on Father’s Day. Reflecting on the meaning of being a father, and all that fatherhood entails, can’t really be done in a Barca Lounger with a TV remote in one’s hand. Well, for me at least. Continue reading

Happy Birthday to Artist Carl Holty

"Carl Holty painting entitled Bather, 1935"

Carl Holty “Bather” 1935

Carl Holty (1900-1973) is a favorite artist of mine. He had his finger, well actually paintbrushes, in many interesting art world “pies” during his distinguished career. Continue reading

Urban Bees Then and Now

NPR recently ran a piece on urban gardening that covered growing and gathering foods in cities from Philadelphia to Paris, including harvesting honey from rooftop apiaries. Listening to this piece piqued our interest because not only do we have a wonderful painting in our collection entitled The Beekeeper’s Daughter by Henry Bacon (1839-1912), but our Marketing and Research Associate Cynthia Caldwell Allen is also a beekeeper. Here is a guest blog from her on beekeeping then and now.

"Henry Bacon, The Beekeeper's Daughter"

Henry Bacon The Beekeeper’s Daughter 1881

The Beekeeper’s Daughter is a charming genre piece done in or around Paris in 1881 which captures a romanticized version of old world beekeeping. Bacon’s painting depicts several woven straw skeps snugly lined up along what is most likely the south-facing wall of a house. Ideally positioned for the beekeeper to keep an eye on and with plenty of sunshine to keep the bees active, the hives proximity to the door probably meant that most visitors would have used an alternative path when dropping by to visit either the beekeeper or his daughter.

As a modern-day beekeeper what I find intriguing about this piece is Continue reading

How Minor Is Too Minor?

Beatrice Levy

Beatrice Levy’s Trees (c.1930) brought out today for some fresh air.

How minor is too minor with regards to art? Who determines what gets to be major? Continue reading