Art Basel Miami Beach 2014 – An Odyssey

Art Basel Miami Beach has been on my art dealer bucket list for a while. The stars had never quite aligned, but they did this year. And since 2014 marks our first year with a retail gallery (in our 42nd year of business), it seemed like a perfect time to check things out in sunny Florida. So plans were made to drive down with some dealer friends, stopping in shops all along the way to search for “roadshow treasures”, and spend 6 nights immersed in the spectacle. The center of the art world – GLOBALLY – is Miami and Miami Beach during this week. And by center one can feel free to picture a black hole. And so my journey began…

Smart Phone 100% Charged, 5:13AM, Hudson, NY

Smart Phone 100% Charged, 5:13AM, Hudson, NY

Mid-Point Classic - Kitsch Lives!

Mid-Point Classic – Kitsch Lives!

South Beach - Billionaire's Yacht Parking Lot

South Beach – Billionaire’s Yacht Parking Lot

One of the potential misconceptions about ABMB is that it is just one show. It is actually a huge collective of art, design, fashion, music, and museum shows, parties and events which run practically round the clock. Continue reading