Beantown Art Fair Redux…A Review from the Booth

A few weeks ago with the recent Presidential election just completed, fiscal cliffs impending, and a forecast for some great late fall weather, we packed up 22 works of art, and pointed our van toward Boston. This was our 7th year exhibiting in the Boston International Fine Art Show. We were excited to get back to Beantown the weekend before Thanksgiving. As we drove into the city we passed Copley Square and the great man himself – John Singleton Copley (1738-1815). Well, we passed a bronze replica of Copley. An extraordinary artist, and one heck of a spiffy dresser!

John Singleton Copley

John Singleton Copley, a great man wearing some great shoes!

Arriving at the Cyclorama at the Boston Center for the Arts we were confronted with the empty booth that became our home for the next 5 days. It was time to scratch our chins and think about making the art shine. Continue reading

Show Visit: NYC’s ADAA Show and The Armory Show (Pier92)

Being an exhibitor in an art fair has it’s own special demands and pressures, as well as excitement and possibilities as mentioned earlier. Visiting an art fair can be quite the treat – none of the grind of being a trade show vendor, yet all of the compressed cornucopia of visual delights to dazzle the senses.  It’s also a super time to interface with our colleagues and friendly competitors, and to check out what comparable works to our own inventory might be being offered.

There are signs of life in the art market, as the red dots sprinkled throughout the shows verified.  I was pleased to see several works related to our inventory that I felt we compared favorably with.  All in all a satisfying day of viewing in NYC!

The Armory Show

"Room with a view - Art inside, Hudson River outside."


Art Fairs: The Good and the Bad

Our “home away from home” BIFAS 2011

Trade shows or “Art Fairs” as they are known in our business, are exciting to participate in as exhibitors. Regardless of what you call them, they offer exceptional client networking, buying, and selling opportunities. They are also somewhat royal pains in the verso in terms of the extensive prep, set up, and aftermath required. We just returned from the Boston International Fine Arts Show, and now that the dust has settled,  have a few observations to share. Continue reading