An Art Dealer’s Office

A big part of being an art dealer and gallery owner is your office. I like to think of my office as 1/3 high tech Batcave, 1/3 art reference library, 1/3 garage-workshop-cleaning closet-shipping room and 1/3 gallery space. I know, that’s four thirds, which is exactly how it feels when you could always use “just a bit more space” for everything. Our new gallery has a very nice, if smallish office, and the window of the office allows a clear view to our front door – especially helpful during the hours when we are open to the public.

The Batcave aspect...

Technology – Emphasizing the Batcave aspect…

The 1/3 gallery and 1/3 art reference library are kind of the fun parts of the equation, as they are where our eyes and our instincts come into play keenly, as we research works we are considering, and those we have already acquired. Continue reading

From Scratch – The Birth of a Gallery

I started hearing the buzz about the Historic city of Hudson, NY, around two years ago. A good friend and gallery owner kept mentioning it whenever we spoke. And last fall, while traveling together for a show in Winnetka, IL, he kept beating Hudson’s drum – louder! In the meantime, publications like the New York Times, Elle Decor, New York Magazine, and the Wall Street Journal were banging their own “Hudson drums”. So I finally agreed to do a scouting trip last Fall, and the magic of the place found its way into my imagination. It took a while to find a suitable gallery space, but lightning struck quickly in late March, when a two story space in an old cigar factory became available.

Day 1. A car, a ladder, a gallery to be.

Day 1. A car, a ladder, a gallery to be.

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