“Summer afternoon—summer afternoon; to me those have always been the two most beautiful words in the English language.”
― Henry James

Summertime – what a glorious time of year! Many artists must have agreed, as they chose to memorialize symbols of this special season in their paintings and sculpture.  Caldwell Gallery Hudson features many of these evocative works for your consideration in our current exhibit Summertime.

In the summer, fruits and flowers are ripe for the picking,

Levi Wells Prentice, Basket of Peaches

Levi Wells Prentice “Basket of Peaches”

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Mother’s Day Advice to Sons and Daughters Worldwide

I was always a pretty good planner and liked to have all my ducks in a row when I was growing up. School homework, family trips, camping in the nearby woods with neighborhood friends, sports, you name it – if it involved planning I was likely to be on top of it. Even better, if it involved packing I was in seventh heaven. You should see some of my present day pre-trip layouts for art fairs, a skiing trip, or a fishing sojourn. I classify them as epic meets obsessive! But I digress, and my packing tips are for another blog on another day. What I’m trying to say here and now is this –  plan early and often for Mother’s Day all you sons and daughters out there. The margin for error on this epic Hallmark day is ZERO. Father’s Day has a much larger margin for error, mostly because of all the Father’s who mess up on Mother’s Day, which comes first in the calendar year for a reason. It’s a women’s world, men!



Think you can just wake up a few minutes early on Sunday and whip up those blueberry pancakes for good old Ma when you…oops…don’t have blueberries, or pancake mix, or maple syrup? Nothing says “I don’t love you even though you were in labor for 55 hours straight giving birth to me” more than delivering freezer burnt frozen toaster waffles with an old Aunt Jemima’s bottle sporting a few final drops which you found in the back of your cupboard to Mother Dear who spent 364 days anticipating the wonders you would bestow upon her on this, her special day. Ditto for those things you thought were flowers (which are actually classified as weeds) that you picked on the way up the walkway and stuffed into a plastic water bottle you peeled the label off of while not breaking your stride. Continue reading